Thursday, October 13, 2011

Somes Bar or some bar

Probably like many before me, when I heard people talking about "Somes Bar," I thought it was a booze depot of some sort. And because I like to let my husband plan our hiking trips, I had no idea that Somes Bar was a tiny town along the Salmon River. As an appreciator of DIY and handmade stuff, I was equally impressed with the Somes Bar General Store as I was with the mountains.

Before moving to California, this would have been my dream spot: hot summers, snowy winters, solitude, and a little organic shop for anything we couldn't make or grow ourselves. I still appreciate the idea, and if we had a few kids and were homesteading it would be nice place to settle, which is probably why the founders of the Black Bear Ranch (see the documentary Commune) chose the location. 

Alas, I have no desire to be part of a commune, and there is no need for modern Field Matrons to explore the country of the Klamath and Salmon Rivers on horse back (if the Federal Government were still hiring that position, I would be first in line! Read Land of the Grasshopper Song). Therefore, I guess I will just resign my heart to the desert.

Grand Canyon, Kibab

Double rainbow drive-by

Give me the Colorado Plateau...
some bar in the Chihuahuan Desert any day of the year.
Terlingua Ghost Town

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