Tuesday, August 23, 2011


As most of the work I aim to do is custom, I was fortunate to share a Maker Faire booth with two lovely ladies so I wouldn't have to space my goods out like some kind of conceptual  art exhibit (see previous post)...

KC Made it!

Laruen LoCalolo

my little corner

Presently finding myself very busy with making, professionality, and embracing a house routine. I have to get another shipment ready for Fancy Pony Land in Marfa...this time, all bags!

Thursday, August 18, 2011


The exhibit of Charles LeDray’s in the exhibit workworkworkworkwork made me talk in tiny weird nioses.

The title of this exhibit is also the title of his 1991 piece, "nearly six hundred precisely fashioned miniature objects created by the artist were layed out on a sidewalk in the center of New York’s Astor Place."

Charles Ledray (b. 1960), workworkworkworkwork, 1991 (detail). 588 objects: Fabric, thread, cotton batting, yarn, embroidery floss, nylon cord, carpet, leather, wood, metal, foil, metal chain, wire, nails, porcelain, pumice, beads, buttons, cardboard, corrugated cardboard, paper, magic marker, paint, approximately 45 feet long x 10 in x 2in. (13.7 m x 25.4 cm x 5 cm). Private Collection, Houston, TX
This post will segue into the week-theme of sidewalk sales!

Friday, August 12, 2011


Busy weekend of lovely ladies and wedding times with my sister.
Always trying to look for lovely inspiration!

Image taken from  Where the Lovely Things Are 

this is also right up my trash-collecting old-junk-hoarding alley:
Making Desing Out of NOTHING

Friday, August 5, 2011

desert dog

Desert Dog yawns reading about Comanche exploits in the high desert and plains...nothing compares to his adventures raiding trashcans and dodging cacti while chasing tarantulas.

OK, so maybe he was scared of the tarantuals...and the rattle snakes...but he chased the bunny rabbits and stuck his head in many-a-hole of burrowing animals, it just doesn't sound as tough. 

On the subject of adventures, I have been preparing for the Origin Design Lab's Maker Faire this Saturday, my first craft fair...hopefully I don't implode. Happy Friday! 
PS: I just made myself wish I was doing Critical Mass instead of freaking out all night tonight.
(i wouldn't do a naked ride, but i like that others do!)

Monday, August 1, 2011

ocean thread

As someone who has made the study of fibers a major part of her profession, I felt the compulsion to share this archaeological find, woven from the threads of a mollusk (see diagram below...
and, for a little history and photographs of the fiber in action, check out this blog:


Another fiber artist, slightly more contemporary than the makers of the hat at Saint-Denis, melding biology and wearable threads is Dana Eng.  Oddly enough, if you compare the archaeological hat with the shirts of Eng, they have a similar aesthetic. Besides, I have always thought stained cross-sections of plant material can be like little abstract art pieces

For further insight into the tiny world of science, art, plants, and fibers, check out this website from an exhibit I co-curated in 2008...(yes, shamelessly self-promoting)...

...and, for some final visual stimuli, and in honor of the tall trees all around me, a cross section of a sequoia cone...
Think small.