Friday, March 30, 2012

the things i am doing, just done, or i like


done, side 1

done, side 2
not much to say because i had a rough week, but also a mildly productive one evidenced by new things i made above, things i looked at below, and this link that is super cool: 

 Save food from the fridge

like, Daisy Dry Goods, Arcata

like, Daisy Dry Goods, Arcata

like, Daisy Dry Goods, Arcata

like, Vintage Avenger, Arcata

like, Victorian building, Arcata

Friday, March 23, 2012

blank slates

there is a really good read on  An Apple a Day  blog about inspiring adventures of a woman traveling in Mexico with nothing but her dresses... and as tempting as that sounds: lets hit the road with the clothes on our back and start fresh, long or short term..."heads Carolina, tails California, somewhere greener (maybe not), somewhere warmer"!...yes, as tempting as that sounds, i have recently enjoyed playing in the snow (up on the mountains, of course, and at surprisingly low elevations!)...

maybe it is the Texas girl in me (that quotes cheesy country songs), but I am always amazed at how the snow can balance up on such thin little spaces...
and how snow can transform any place into a blank, beautiful new space...
a tempting time to start over, tabula rasa...
but as tempting as it is to erase all the crap: the time you didn't stand up for your kid brother when someone picked on him, the time you thought your dog would just run along your bike instead of pulling you off and fracturing your elbow, or the time you did something seriously hurtful without even meaning to...

but all the crap is still underneath the pretty, clean white snow, waiting to resurface as some really soggy and grosser stuff to deal with later.

maybe if you get it all cleaned up this year, by next Spring...!

Words of wisdom from my Free Will Astrology Horoscope (again): Whether it's your time to ferment in the shadows or sing in the sun, fresh power to transform yourself is on the way. Life always delivers the creative energy you need to change into the new thing you must become.

Friday, March 16, 2012

bags and baggage

A little distracted, a little crazy, borderline depressed, i ruined the zipper on little clutch i was ALMOST finished with...

 is it worth saving? maybe. is my sanity worth saving? probably.
these bags are super cool i saw at Garden Gate in Arcata :

but i am just an admirer of all things leather because i have all the material objects i need, but i do enjoy a surplus of inspirational quotes, keeping me centered in this time of down-pouring Spring transformation, tell me how it is Paulo Coelho:

Saturday, March 10, 2012


 two things i have done that were on my checklist, both related to rebellion (not me being rebellious but the creators): read Dharma Punx by Noah Levine, a fast read for anyone, particularly those of us who found acceptance and family in the punk rock sub-culture and politics as young person who didn't fit anywhere else, check...

"The Buddha said his path to awakening was one of rebellion – a subversive path that is against greed, against hatred, and against delusion. It is a path of radical, engaged transformation, a path of finding freedom and spending the rest of our lives giving it away. It is a path that goes Against the Stream."

and visit the Kinetic Sculpture Museum, newly relocated to Eureka, check... 

apparently my aesthetic has mellowed since i was a frustrated punk kid, and i am now more interested in the natureish paintings on the walls than the kinetic devices, but i like the idea of more people using elaborate kinetic mobiles to get around every day, if not only to irritate people in gas guzzlers driving from one parking lot to the next...

i could try moving to Amsterdam, but then i would just be normal instead of an irritating provoker of change.


Friday, March 2, 2012

minimal hobbies

i like to fancy myself a minimalist, a fancy that i find Humboldt County encourages with a very...unique? (i am not calling myself fashionable, i like to think of myself as fashion neutral--i follow it and generally pick a few things up every once in a while, but i could care less about owning some couture shoes)....

Piggy Paint
but lately i have been a sucker for some shiny red nails, and when i found this Piggy Paint i was so excited...i know its geared for kids, but why shouldn't we all use non-toxic nail polish made in Arkansas?...
Suzanne Tidwell (my photo of her work)
 and these giant yarnbombed trees made me want to hug them...

all my husband wants to do is chop and shift wood around, but all i want today is to go knit something flashy around the tree he is about to chop down, but maybe knit a little less Missoni and a little more Ann Demeulemeester...
Jose Pulido

or maybe we both need new hobbies...tired from a long week...que lastima.