Friday, April 29, 2011

New Treasury list on Etsy

Tooling play

I was going to make this into a wallet, but I am thinking a little notebook might be fun!

Sandals for my sister

Upholstery project

I will post before and after when they are finished.

Old seats removed for re-upholstery by unscrewing at the backs, and old popcorn, grime, gum ,and other crud removed  from the chairs with a secret and unpleasant chemical: oven cleaner. Not sure if it was a healthy solution, but it worked!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

leave of absence

My husband and I moved up to Northern California. We live in a beautiful setting overlooking pastures and the ocean. We also live in one of the most crotchety little towns I have ever encountered.

I have begun to post my goods up on my shop LEATHERY

Current project: reupholstering movie theater seats acquired from an old theater in El Paso, Texas.

New favorite tool: Clinchfast Kit from Hammond, IN