Monday, August 1, 2011

ocean thread

As someone who has made the study of fibers a major part of her profession, I felt the compulsion to share this archaeological find, woven from the threads of a mollusk (see diagram below...
and, for a little history and photographs of the fiber in action, check out this blog:


Another fiber artist, slightly more contemporary than the makers of the hat at Saint-Denis, melding biology and wearable threads is Dana Eng.  Oddly enough, if you compare the archaeological hat with the shirts of Eng, they have a similar aesthetic. Besides, I have always thought stained cross-sections of plant material can be like little abstract art pieces

For further insight into the tiny world of science, art, plants, and fibers, check out this website from an exhibit I co-curated in 2008...(yes, shamelessly self-promoting)...
...and, for some final visual stimuli, and in honor of the tall trees all around me, a cross section of a sequoia cone...
Think small.

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