Sunday, October 30, 2011

the known and unknown

Artist Grayson Perry was given every museum nerds dream: full access to the British Museum collections. For The Tomb of the Unknown Craftsmen, he also had to pair his own creations to curate an exhibit. No need for me to write about it, his description is fantastic:
Pilgrimage to the British Museum. Ink and graphite, 2011 © Grayson Perry. Courtesy Victoria Miro Gallery, London

"I had been given permission to translate a vague fantasy into an increasingly daunting reality. I feared it was a fantasy that perhaps I had not thoroughly thought through, one that involved dozens if not hundreds of other people, many of them extremely knowledgeable...I feared I would be seen as an ignorant interloper by the people who spend their lives learning about and caring for the collection. I thought they might see me as a trendy Thor Heyerdahl, falling into easy but spurious cross-cultural comparisons, misinterpreting objects. These were people whose careers were forged from accurate knowledge collated on many arduous field trips or from years of painstaking research and in I would come for a few hours and say "Ooh I like that, what fun!" Did I see them flinch?... All I could do was choose the things that fascinated and delighted me."

Thor Heyerdahl-KON TIKI
Makes you want to go exploring in search of undiscovered beautiful works of art...jump on the KON TIKI and head for South America...or to France,  to view the Chauvet Cave ...breathtaking...the earliest unknown artist. 

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