Friday, July 15, 2011

trunkity = bedside table

This project was begging to be finished for a long time! We purchased this crumbling trunk in El Paso well over a year ago, and it survived the move without turning into dust. I saved as much original hardware as possible...

 The top of the trunk was the most troublesome problem...I needed a significantly large piece of wood and the means to cut it to the right size. I needed thin wood to replace the rotted wood around the sides. I had collected birch bark in to attempt restoration of the original rounded lid, but when it came to my woodworking skill, these sturdy pieces of redwood were a more practical solution.

Yea, I should have used little square nails instead of screws, and, yea, I should have tried to re-create the original round metal top as seen in the super old before photos below...but if I didn't restore it now, there was a really good chance it would have been a mouse house until it fell apart to be excavated by some archaeologist very confused by the 1690 patent date on the hardware in the context of a mid-20th century shack compound. Besides, it is hard to pile books and ice cream bowls next to my bed on top of rounded lids.

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