Thursday, July 21, 2011

donation doshamshion

I made this here belt for a Western-themed auction to benefit a new hospital here in Humboldt County. I put a vintage buckle on it and carved a little poppy, the state flower of California, into the belt. It has just been reported to me that the new owner wears it all the time!


The classic lettered belts are really simple to make. Most leather shops sell veg-tanned belt blanks, and the lettering stamp kits are pretty inexpensive. Make sure you wet the leather before you pound down on the stamp! 

The letting stamp kit I used...

This little donation will help me with my tax effort this year, to donate, or "redirect," a percentage of my tax dollars to a Federally recognized organization, probably to woman's health and education, rather than to military war funding. Care to join?


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