Saturday, May 21, 2011

A purse, for me

Materials: I try to stay away from exotics, but this ostrich hide was given to me, and I never turn down free leather! In spite of the guilt factor, it was really nice to work with. I lined the bag with canvas, and coated the inside of the leather with wax prior to inserting the lining because I have a horrible habit of dumping water into my bags.

Design: When it comes to constructing bags, I have been a one horse show. I use the pattern that you will see any cheap tote bag made from, constructed with minimal stitching and patterning. I like to make the leather do all the work! 

The front pocket and tabs are all vegetable tanned leather, carved with patterns I would describe as "cubo-futurist meets minimal." Like something you would see in the early days of abstraction, possibly described as but without the color.

Painting by Alexander Rodchenko



    You've inspired me

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