Friday, May 13, 2011

Music time

What is going on in music right now is boring to me. Maybe it is just that I am so far removed from anything related to the energy of the punk rock counter culture I grew up with here in hippie land, maybe it is the internet (easy to blame when I used to have to order mix tape samplers from little distros and meet people in alleys to buy records...OK, I only did that once...), or maybe I am boring and lazy for not seeking out the answer to my auditory desires. 

My husband sent me this X record, which actually took me three days to put on because, in my mind, I had heard everything by X because someone made me a 90 min mix tape in high school. Then I bought a random record at a flea market and it failed to impress me. But this is a great record, except for True Love PT. #2, which sounds like a blatant attempt to keep up with Blondie. But I never liked the song Rapture and don't much care for X's version either.

I do remember from my mix tape Exene Cervenka talking some mad smack about Deborah Harry during a live recording. This commentary is probably 28 years too late, but nothing else was going on today!

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