Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Oh Marimekko

I love Marimekko. I love that they have books and videos with DIY projects..I love this song. 

I love the large and bold, but simple prints, so different from any other printed fabrics. I love that this is why my Great Grandma Nanna also loved them. I love that the company is not limited to printed fabrics or designed garments, but timelessness.

I love that the new book is titled Surrur and that '"Surrur" is meant to evoke the sound of a sewing machine.' -- Lisa Boone, LA Times.


I love this mantra on their website: "Contradiction creates. Marimekko travels the road less taken between urban and nature, tradition and modernity, mass production and unique art..." 

my first Marimekko inspired object...I know there will be more soon!

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