Saturday, June 19, 2010

I am so fortunate to be marrying the man of my dreams and starting the life I have always wanted, with the promise of 'forever.' I always searched for stability and a partner, but I never wanted to settle, and therefore, thought I would always be alone. I also never thought I would be planning a wedding for myself (a real wedding!).

As happy as I am to be finally building a life, I am not taking it for granted. It has been very hard work, and I have had to question who I am and become stronger than I have ever been at the risk of being totally crushed. But the funny thing was, even when I wasn't sure where things were going, he still made me feel like I needed to be a better person and I knew I would always be happier just knowing he exists.

So now I am planning our wedding. Another reason I am fortunate, depending on your perspective, is that I quit my job about four months ago to apprentice at a cowboy boot company, which I only do about two days a week. The rest of my time I have to manage on my own, which seems like a blessing at first, but for an obsessive person like myself, this is sometimes very challenging.

After we became engaged, I have dedicated the remainder of my time to trying to make our wedding as personal, waste-free, small business-supporting, local, and elegant as I can. In the process, I am learning many things which I want to share because others might have similar aspirations, or just like to experiment and play around with materials. Something I am learning is that sometimes you have to make a huge mess and screw things up before you make something even slightly resembling what you were expecting. But by sharing information, the process can be a little more productive. Enjoy!

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