Monday, December 3, 2012

happy religious stamp time

so i was at the post office the other day and i had to step aside to fill out a customs form, so they let another woman come up to the register. loudly asked for "religious stamps" and kept finding reasons to say "religious stamps" like "are these the ONLY religious stamps you have?!?!" making it sound like stamps have some sort of redemption power and if you mail someone an envelope, it doesn't even have to have a letter, with a religious stamp, they will find salvation...

the holy family by el greco
i would have been so pleased if the postal worker had pulled out a fat Star of David stamp or something with a fatty Buddha, but no such luck. so being the smart ass that i am, i loudly asked for some non-religious stamps when the woman had finished up, to which the postal worker replied "non-religious holiday stamps or just regular stamps?" 

Segna di Buonaventura, c. 1310

i didn't really need stamps and i actually really like icon paintings with gold leaf in egg tempera hundreds of years old, but sometimes i just like to be contrary.  is that wrong?

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