Tuesday, October 9, 2012


i found my Halloween decorations, which included lots of that fake spiderweb stuff, but no spiders! i needed spiders, fast. i got out my glue and paper and cardboard and made a spider that would have been frowned upon in any kindergarten class, then i scanned the room for something, anything, to make into a respectable spider...then i saw the avocado pit i had been unsuccessfully trying to sprout in a jar and EUREKA!, thus was born the avocado spider:

Step 1: gather materials...

  • wire (i used rusty wire to give it an element of danger...just kidding, tetanus is a serious infection and it was the only wire we had around...i just wont stab anyone with my spiders) 
  • very tiny drill bit to match the gage wire you choose
  • wire clippers
  • clean avocado pits (because we compost, i was able to find quite a few around the pile)
  • optional paint and brush

Step 2:  clip pieces of wire for legs and drill holes in sides of avocado pits for the wire legs--you don't have to drill too far because the wire squishes in there, unless the pit is really old and hard...

Step 3: some of the avocado pits were shedding their seed coats exposing the light tan seed, in which case i painted them black with acrylic paint, 2 coats

Step 3: bend the legs and insert them 

Step 4: add eyes if so desired...India Ink looked better for eyes on the ones with their seed coat

Step 5: if you want to hang it, drill holes through the top and, using a needle, insert thread through the holes and hang that dang spider up...

did i waste a whole day making avocado spiders for everyone i know? maybe. 
did i waste money on a crappy plastic spider made half way around the world? hell no! 

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