Monday, September 17, 2012

lamp rewire

Step 1: find an old lamp with a sketchy electrical cord
Step 2: go to a hardware store and buy a lamp cord and possibly a connector socket--see the old porcelain one on the right and the new set on the left...the new one came with a pull on/off switch because i dont know how to connect the original on/off knob
Step 3: unscrew the old wiring, probably with a long flat head, and pull the wiring out the bottom
Step 4: insert new wiring, which is a little tricky on this tall lamp, and put the exposed ends under the two screws on the bottom of the new socket, and screw down tight
Step 5: put in lightbulb, plug in, and turn on lamp.
Step 2
Step 4

its not rocket science, or even anything beyond late 19th century science, but hopefully this will inspire you to go out and find an old lamp to give a new life to, rather than buying some crap from China at Target...oh damn, i bought the lamp shade at Target...well..its hard to find used lamp shades in good condition and it was my first time to set foot in a Target in over a year!!! living in a city is full of evil temptations. im going to walk to the grocery store now and buy some ice cream for lunch. 

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