Tuesday, August 14, 2012

household without a house

trying to buy a house is the worst thing on earth, so i am just going to think about nice smelling things like lavender rosemary...

Nothing but soap/scrub naturally
my new Flagstaff buddy makes these reusable dryer sheets to aid in the war against trash, and the smell is divine and almost strong enough to cover the old-man odor emanating from the vacation rental we have been hiding in...

found on Good Eggs facebook

and i have been buying up groceries with no place to go, bags of bulk hopefully labeled but i doubt i am that sharp so everyone can use this chart (and Good Eggs has a good mission!)...

listening to The Deadly Syndrome - Demons

...and here is to good tunes: here here! or anywhere, because home is where the smells, food, and music is. at least for now.

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