Saturday, July 21, 2012

Some girls have all the fun

ballet, puppets, violins, yoga...
i was reading the interview with violinist and yogini Sarah Neufeld  in LA Yoga, and i love her music and responses to the question, why teach yoga? "it's challenging and demanding and yet so simple."
so i thought i would post a video from one of her musical projects, and this video reminded me i want to start practicing ballet again...

while everything else is in storage as we move to Flagstaff except my Cynthia King vegan ballet shoes (yes, vegan. while i am a vegetarian leatherworker--see my post on the leather industry--i know where my leather comes from and synthetic materials are produced from fossil fuels, but i still promote awareness of animal issues and these shoes are mostly canvas)  knitting, yoga mat, and dog leash. hopefully i can channel some of Sarah Neufeld's ambition in this transition, and have fun.

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