Friday, February 24, 2012


i am supposed to be doing research on Krishna...if only i had an athanaeum...such a distinguished sounding word for a place to sit and read...

this is the Providence Athanaeum where dark poets once mused death or just looked at the newspaper

remote Northern California is not a wise local for the library lover, but on our recent trip to Seattle, we stayed mere feet away from this giant public library:

hipstamatic with my i-device

the library "sports a contemporary look" like wearing all black with sleek hair in Humboldt County...

hipstamatic with my i-device

 because lounging and reading and looking contemporary is deep...

Band of Outsiders

as is any company that solicits Harry Potter actors as models...
(note the path of my distraction)

Band of Outsiders
and has a blog about cookies (the good kind, not internet spies)...

The Lord Krishna in the Golden City from the Harivamsha (Geneology of Vishnu) ca. 1600

i am sure Krishna was the most contemporary man in this elegant edifice (upper right corner) getting into some deep thoughts and playing his flute. 

so, yea, it is time to make some cookies.

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