Saturday, December 24, 2011

yule happy time prints

real 1952 old poster
loving the old time camp prints, and though i miss home, this redwood picture is so right on...

the posters from this shop ( austin, tx's poster cabaret ) close to home has some amazing artists: 
andy kehoe

andrew holder

diana sudyka

in reference to the word CABARET: once upon a time, i worked at one of those terrible three-in-one frat boy party clubs for a whole one month! the word 'cabaret' always reminds me of this clause-awful place because when i tried to quit, i got really stressed someone was going to yell at me on the phone, SO i convinced a friend to call and quit for me...the only flaw in the plan is that her sweet Korean-accented voice didn't sound much like me, but oh well...i wrote out a script "this is rachel, i am supposed to work in cabaret tonight, but i am quitting, goodbye" if the accent wasn't a big enough clue that it was not me, she pronounced cabaret phonetically, and who can blame her! it sounds sassier with the 't' at the end, if you ask me. 
so that is my story, and those are some photos, happy yule!

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