Friday, November 25, 2011

resourceful play, every day

My sister is presently living in Nagishot, South Sudan, and just posted some amazing photographs...of course, I was instantly drawn to the "traditional goat skin skirt" she photographed during an all-day celebration:

 The texture and color reminded me of a suede Bonnie Cashin skirt i once saw...i did a little reading and saw that in the mid 60's  Bonnie Cashin was specifically designing clothes inspired by African and Modern Art...i love how Modern and Tribal Art are often grouped the collections of the de Menils in Houston...if you have to technical before you can get "primitive," it becomes Modern?...but i digress...

Bonnie Cashin added never seen before hardware to her designs, and famously introduced the famous toggle on the Coach bags and accessible designed clothes for women...the skirt above is referred to as a "dog leash skirt" in a Corbis caption...often in African dress, you see all sorts of objects resourcefully incorporated into traditional regalia...not only do i appreciate her designs, but i love her simple box of simple motivational phrases....

...thankful for the play and resourcefulness in the world.

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